Saturday, January 13, 2007


On with the new year

The plastic tree has been put away, gifts have been returned, kids have been shipped back to school. We can now get down to the business of making a new year. What will be different this year? Well for one, if you are old enough to read this blog, 2007 will pass faster than 2006. As far as how good 2007 will be? that is 50% luck, 25% planning and 75% what you make it.

I hope to have something more interesting to say in upcoming posts. We are formulating spring break plans. We should also investigate the potential for a family and friends gathering.

And because all posts are better with pictures, here is a random picture from 1999.

Are you sure you have the date right on that pcture? The girls look a little young for that beng 1999
I can confirm that this is from 1999. Sarah was 11 and Katie was 9. They just look young compared to how they look now, which is about 21 & 19, even though they are 18 & 16.

Frannie & Michelle - I will send a note, but will are flying into Philly on March 9th. We will be in the area for a week, hitting music schools in Philadelphia, New York, Hartford and Boston. But we hope to get to see you guys as well. I will be in touch. (Stu, you can come too if you like, start your girls out early looking at colleges).
Emily plans to stay close to home and go to Cy-Fair Community Collage on Barker Cypress.
Sounds great Linda, keep us informed.
(great picture)
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