Friday, February 20, 2009


Payoff Moments

Those of you who are also parents share some things with ALL parents. You wonder if your kid(s) are "getting it". Sometimes it seems like they don't even hear it. Sometimes . . . Sometimes you have a payoff moment when you hear back some bit of sagely advice you doled out during the formative years. Or even more rare and precious, you see them demonstrate it.

Most of my communications from Sarah are along the lines of; "wheres mom?" or "on my way home cya soon" maybe a "love ya", but this one was a bit different. there are a couple of inside jokes but I think you will understand what I am talking about.

"Hope your week is going well so far. Mine is. THAR 101 test Monday went well I believe, grades have yet to be posted though. We had one questions that read verbatim "It is quicker to travel to Forth Worth than Dallas, for ice cream trucks have no bones. True or False." Now I have sat through every painstaking class, so I know this is not some bonus he went over in class to reward us for attendance. And as he theatrically demonstrated on the first day, there is no TA, and therefore no reviews or Supplemental Instruction so I have no clue as to what in the world that is about.

For the record, I put True. Should this be the wrong answer, I am prepared to defend it.

What is TRUTH Dr. Schultz? Who are we to decide what is and is not reality. Far be it for me to claim anything, for I am just one in a state of being.

Thank you, Thank you. I'm here till May 2010.

As for my more practical classes, I have an Accounting 328 Exam tomorrow. I was so relieved when I found out we would get a review and a practice exam in class on Tuesday to help us prepare (because as I have said, I can't seem to get a feel for the class. At all.) So its no wonder I was surprised to find out in class Tuesday that:

1) The review and the practice exam were one in the same.
Okay, I can deal with that. The practice exam IS the review. Makes sense.

2) The review/practice exam was two questions long. One essay. One work out problem.
Please send blood pressure medication soon.

If I was being punkd, and you guys were in on it, you'd tell me right?

As for my MGMT class (Negotiations) things are going better. We have lots of "field assignments" including (ahem, DAD) "haggling" for something that would be otherwise perceived as non-negotiable. AKA any retail store etc. I thought gas station or convenience store would be my best bet. I have tried twice now to negotiate for scantrons and then a diet coke (using exact change of an even amount) only to be almost IMMEDIATELY thwarted by good Samaritans in area offering not only to cover the difference, but in once case just bought the diet coke for me.

Oh Aggieland....

Also, we usually have an assignment given at the end of one class to be completed before the next class as an intro the lesson for the day. This past week we were given what was ultimately a price negotiation and paired up. We are each given a role, our background info, and limits (i.e. you have X amount to spend but would only like to spend Y and so on) that often include our own alternatives.

When we came to class Monday our prof went through the lists of partners and asked for what each group had settled on. I got very nervous as he got closer to my partner and I.

Prof: Sarah and Melissa, what did you come up with.
Melissa: (quick to answer) We didn't come up with one. Sarah ended the negotiation.
Prof: Oh really?
Sarah: Um. Yes. Its not that we didn't try. Its just most of our possible solutions, I thought I was better off where I started...
Sarah: And you said the solutions should be integrative, but for Chris (my role) I thought he was just better off not settling...
Sarah: I think maybe I misunderstood the assignment...
Prof: No. Excellent job. Todays lesson: Knowing when to walk away.

VICTORY!!!! Score: Sarah:1 The Universe 094886123. But a wins a win.

The professor asked me what made me decide to walk away, and that is how the class learned about The Corolla of 2004.

The radio presets may have been set, but you can ALWAYS walk away from a bad deal.

I tried not to look smug, but I was secretly REALLY EXCITED. I got two bonus points and I hope this serves as some further validation for years of good but difficult parenting.

I love you both. Hope you have a good rest of the day."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009



OK, so I guess no one dreamt of flying (mentioned a few posts back). Some might call that "falling with style", but this next video is a whole nother deal. I could imagine this actually making it here in Texas (and Florida). Would you try it?

Sunday, February 08, 2009


It seemed like a good idea at the time

You know the feeling, in your head the image and scenario you quickly worked out seemed . . . almost, perfect to you. Go for it!

Sometimes the intoxication of the moment allows you to maintain your self deception for far longer that it should. Sometimes common sense starts to stalk you like the maniac in the attic in those Horror movies. And when common sense gets you around the throat, you get the same feeling as the girl on the phone in the movies.

And yet other times you execute the "good idea" and move on before prudence and self preservation ever knew you left. Then, sometimes years later, the good idea is revisited, maybe a story or returning to the scene of the crime or even a picture. An the ton of bricks falls on you and the only phrase you can think of is "what the hell was I thinking". And if you are a parent you are pretty sure your offspring are going to go down that same slip-n-slide. What the hell was I thinking?

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