Monday, November 28, 2005


Out with the old . . .

We had just gotten the dining room finished in time for Thanksgiving. After we served dinner, laid on the floor (because we were so stuffed) and kicked out the guests we started work on our living room. 2 days later we were ready to start painting and flooring. There were 729 nails holding down the tack strip, baseboards and door casings.


. . . and in with the new

On Saturday and Sunday, Linda and I worked all day and into the night painting, laying the floor, putting in new baseboard and casing. We were especially happy with our casing choosing the Texas star for our rosettes.

It was A LOT of work but we think the results are great. Now we have to move furniture, replace the old electric outlets and get some new curtains.


Finally !

We went DAYS without our computers while we were remodeling. The living room is the network center of the Christy household. It was awful, Katie and I were going into withdrawal, Sarah was freaking out without her instant messenger, Linda had tons of email just piling up.

So, the first thing we did after we painted the last baseboard was reconnect the networks (wired and wireless), set up the computers and printer and get in a little PC time. We all fell better now.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Dahoo Dore Dahoo Dore

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with friends and family. Tom fried the turkey, Joan took care of the desert and G-mom handled the cranberry relish. The sweet potaotes were a hit. Hope you enjoyed your day as well.



We have some strange ones . . .
One of them is; every year I try and convince Sarah and Katie to eat a raw cranberry. It all started when Sarah was little and she saw me making cranberry relish. She thought they looked so good! She asked if she could have one . . . I said sure. The face she made was priceless. The next year I put sugar on it and said "here this will be much sweeter than last year . . ." and gave one to Katie too. Then next year I told them I had bought special cranberries, you can guess the rest.

This year we have G-mom and the Walls family coming over for dinner. They will only get the cranberry relish because we already ate all the special cranberries.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


This has been my project for the past week. We have been redoing our dinning room. We painted, put up new door casings and baseboards as well as replaced the carpeting with a wood laminate floor. It was a lot of work but we think it was worth it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It's Official !

Sarah has been officially accepted into Texas A&M University. It may not have been as dramatic as some because in Texas if you are in the top 10% of your class you will be granted admission to our state schools. And Sarah is in the top 10%.

Also because of her test scores in the SAT she is also granted academic admissions.

She has sent in her housing deposit and is College Station bound.

We are very proud of Sarah and think she will make a great "Aggie".

Sunday, November 06, 2005



We are so PROUD of Katie. She placed 5th in the whole state of Texas for Orchestra Bass! And she is only a sophmore.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The cast

Here we have a Texas cowpoke, her sister Cruella DeVille and her boyfriend Batman. They are watching a commercial I thought about when I saw Drew (Batman). It's the Snickers commercial of several years ago . . . I am Batman!

Do you remember it?

One of my top 5 commercials of all time

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