Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Cool Christmas Presents #3

Continuing on the theme of enjoyable (electronic) Christmas gives, may I present the "iLive Home Music System with Built-in Subwoofer & Dock for iPod"

Yes it's a mouthfull but also an earfull. It's really heavy and shiny, both good things for things that play music. It has real ooomph.

It plays any kind of iPod, has a radio, remote, clock and even input jacks to make your non-iPods kick out the jams. But best of all it sounds good and isn't that the point of one of these things? Sarah gives it two thumbs up.


Cool Christmas Presents #2

Another popular gift was the Crosley Rochester. Katie wanted something she could play classic Jazz records on. What could be better than a circa 1940s replica record player?

It also plays cassette tapes and CDs, it even has a jack to plug in your iPod for those staunchly planted in the digital age.

I think Woody Herman and his Thundering Herd are getting the most spins these days . . .

Monday, December 29, 2008


Cool Christmas Presents

Here is one of our cool Christmas presents this year. It's a little dohicky that you clip to your visor in your car and it acts as a speaker phone for your cell phone using bluetooth.

It's not very big, has a pretty good built in speaker and can connect with your phone anywhere in your car (it even connects from our kitchen when the car is parked outside). As a bonus it has an FM transmitter built in as well so you can listen to your calls (or music on your phone) over your car stereo. Acutally it's the best FM transmitter I have heard.

If you are looking for a hands free device for talking in your car, you might want to check this out. Here is the link

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas to all

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Friday, December 19, 2008


We opened our gift early

We are back from our Christmas gift to ourselves. We went to Disney World for a week and lived to tell about it. We took a few pictures which you can see below. We walked 87 miles, did a lot of eating, and stood in line for 6 hours and 49 minutes. But our trip was more than just leg work and calories! There was magic, animitronics, fireworks, musicals, things coming at us in 3D, flying down the track, flying through the air, flying through space, gift shops, safaris, ghosts, parades and FastPasses.

Disney Vacation Dec 08

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Try Something New

This blog lives on our domain - http://www.thechristys.net/ and the software I use is Blogger from Google. Google has been adding features to Blogger but since I host my own site instead of using Google's free site the features won't work on my blog (whats up with that?). So I created one on their site. Click HERE to go there and tell me if it's worth switching to the newer version. Thanks

p.s one of the new features are Polls - I have one in the top right of the page - choose wisely


This year - Something Different

This gem was taken in 2000. As you can tell, all my girls were up on the latest fashion trends. I believe this was the Land-Scuba look, it's too bad you can't see the shoes. They were flipper shaped and bright yellow.

Wait a minute . . . . that was a different picture

Actually, I think this was taken at DisneyQuest at the Pirates of the Caribbean "ride". We had a great time. It was December and the place was decorated to the 9s for Christmas. There were a lot of people there but it was worth it because of all the decorations and special events.

In fact, we (as a family) have decided to return to Disney this holiday season instead of the traditional (read over the top) gift deluge. We are going to DisneyWorld in Florida and staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort. We stayed there many years ago and had a great time.

We interrupt this blog post for an important weather update . . . it's snowing . . . real snow . . . in Houston as I am typing this message.

OK - so we are really getting into the Christmas spirit now. We will let you know how this alternate Christmas celebration goes over.

Monday, December 01, 2008


It's That Time of the Year !

That's right, contracts almost up, time to get a new cell phones. Since Linda and I are almost the same person, of course we need the same phone. Also, if I figure out all the bells and whistles, I can flatten out the learning curve for my better half.
This time we went with one of those new-fangled touch screen phones, you know, like an iPhone but different. We were pretty happy with our old Samsungs so we will give the next generation a try.
Katie has a Blackjack II and Sarah has a Blackberry Curve, full blown smart phones. They seem to like them, they have a full keyboard which is nice. But they require a $30 a month data plan EACH. Ours just have that "virtual" keypad but I think it will be better than the standard number pad for sending texts, and it only needs a "lite" data plan ($15 each). I don't know if we will keep that plan or not.
Tell me, do you use your phone for anything other than phone calls and texts?

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