Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I like accessories as much as the next guy

. . . but things seem to be getting a little out of hand with this whole "iPod" thing. My favorite store these days is Fry's. For those of you not from around here, Fry's is a GIANT electronics store that pretty much sells anything that runs on electricity. They are mostly in California and Texas. Fry's buys more advertising in our local newspaper that most car dealerships. Every Friday they have a 8 page insert full of the latest hardware, components and . . . . accessories.

Much to my surprise in the most recent issue was this modern marvel of personal music devices - The Toilet Paper/iPod holder. That's right, when you absolutely can't separate from your iPod and your headphones won't reach your pockets (because they are around your ankles) you need the Toilet Paper / iPod holder. How would you like to be the Marketing person on this account? For only $100 you too can . . . . . . .

What song do you think they are playing in the product demos?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


My car makes me smile

That's right, my car. It's warm here in Houston, even in October. But we have some really great days in the fall. We recently had a few of those. And on those days when I get in my car in the morning or jump in to leave work in the evening, I feel good.

I drive a 1999 Saab 9-3 convertible. The top is down about 95% of the time parked or moving, winter or summer. The car is kind of quirky and isn't very popular down here in Texas but I like it. When I drive it on those days when the humidity is just right and the temperature is just low enough to remind you that you are a warm blooded animal, I ride down the road with a smile on my face. Most of the time I am oblivious to my windswept grin, but at some point my cheeks get tired and I figure out why.

Driving with the top down gives you a different perspective. I notice how the poles in the intersections hold up all the traffic lights and street signs. Clouds can be a major distraction. You notice the 5 degree temperature drop and the smell of plants as you move past a strip center into a wooded section of a neighborhood. It reminds me a little of riding my motorcycle but the seat is much better and there is a lot to be said for air conditioning and heating.

I have never owned a convertible before and I doubt this will be my last one.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


The time of the Renaissance

It's that time of year, renaissance Festival time. Every October - November the renaissance Festival comes to town. Actually it's about 60 miles away from town. This Knight and Fair maiden stuff is big business. The Texas group owns a huge facility in Plantersville TX. They have shops and restaurants and shops and Jousting arenas and shops and gardens and . . . well you get the picture. There are 3 or 4 stages so there is always skits, magic and court Jesters to see.

The real show, in my opinion are all the people who come to these events to get medieval. I don't think they are exactly historically accurate but they make up for it with enthusiasm and in some cases cleavage.

We don't go every year, but the kids like to. We can only take so many Lord of the Rings wannabes and $30 snacks. Although when we do go, its always a sight to see.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The night the lights went out in Aggieland

This just in from our student reporter in the field - Sarah

Today about 5:30pm there was a flicker and poof! power went out in Aggieland. All of the Texas A&M university campus and the two closest towns College Station and Bryan(maybe more) lost power this evening (10/3/06). Traffic lights, TV stations, Radio Stations, ATMs, cafeterias, classrooms, dorms, and all air conditioners all shut down.

A&M is the site of the countries largest block party mixer as thousands break out the frisbees, footballs, acoustic guitars, and BBQ grills. The surrounding apartments and off campus housing is emptying into the A&M campus as it is clearly the place to be in this time of "emergency".

The bars and restaurants are reportedly having "blow-out black-out sales" Cell phones are still working (evidenced by our reporter) but little else besides some emergency generators. Homework is being totally disregarded, studying - non existent. To get through this the kids are going to need to spend time out in the common areas acting like 18-21 yr olds doing their best to re-enact Woodstock.

Send batteries

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