Monday, June 18, 2007


A new toy

As you may know, I enjoy photography. As you also may know, I am not that good at it. And judging from the comments on my last picture expose (posted below) perhaps I should quit trying. Not so fast! I thought perhaps a less complicated subject might allow photographic skills to blossom so I cornered a neighbors dog and began snapping away. This was the best one.

A lesser blogger would have given up at this point, but not I. I did what any other red blooded American would do . . . I tried to buy some success. Yes, that's right, (Julie are you listening?) I bought a digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera. The Canon Rebel XTi to be exact. Here is a picture someone else took of one.

Now (or at least by the end of the week) I will march right down the street, pull the traumatized canine from under the porch and take that masterpiece shot that shows his inner sparky. I have something like this in mind.

Our old (and I mean, really getting up in years) friend Stu has been honing his pixel picture prestidigitations for some time now which can be seen at although it is heavily guarded by a secret password. He reluctantly lent me his superior digital SLR hardware (a Canon 30D) for Katie's last concert of the year. That pushed me over the edge. I had to have one of my own.

So prepare yourself! You will probably be forced to look at numerous examples of my death defying depth of field as well as my creamy bokeh.

Monday, June 11, 2007



Summer is almost upon us. One way to tell is by all the kids going to summer school. Speaking of Summer School, Sarah is one of the many collegians flocking to the local junior collage to catch up on some classes. She is in a math class this semester. I saw her working on her homework and thought "I'm a smart guy, I went to college . . . I think I will share some wisdom"

She showed me one of the practice problems (geometry no less!). I didn't have to think twice. Although it's been 47 years since I had a math class, it all came back to me.

click on the little picture to see the problem (and the answer!)

Sarah wasn't impressed. I guess they are doing the new math these days. Go figure.

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