Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Memorial Weekend Memoir

We did something we hardly ever do, we traveled. I really like to stay sequestered during holiday weekends but on this particular weekend we made an exception.

Linda's brother Charles was getting married . . . in Alabama . . . at a Pow Wow. How could you say not to that? We couldn't. Even Sarah joined us during her break between semesters. It was like old times all piled into the Expedition with luggage, cooler and Harry Potter. One of the benefits of this particular excursion was it took us into Sonny's territory. For the 3 of you who don't know Sonny's, it's a BBQ chain in the southeast. Sonny's has been one of our favorite eating establishments since 1978.

We were headed for Dothan Alabama. The people and event were actually in Napier Field Alabama, but Dothan was the big dot on the map. Charles new wife is Native American, when they decided to get married they wanted a Native wedding, this led to putting together the first annual Napier Field Pow Wow. They have been working on it for 7 months. The consensus seems to have been that this one was very successful for the first one.

It was great to see Patty and to meet her new husband Jay, Leann and her boyfriend Mike, and Pam and Tom who brought their daughter Kristin. So it was actually a wedding/Pow Wow/reunion. Everyone got along except for a "peanut issue" between Mike and Katie.

As you could guess, I took a bunch of pictures. Stuart was kind enough to let me borrow is good lens which allowed me to snap some pretty good pics. The images below are worth your perusal.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Big Week

It was a big week in Lake Wobegone. It was Katie's 18th birthday, the 2008 Orchestra concert and Mother's Day all the same week. We were appropriately celebratory for each.

Since Katie is president of her orchestra she had a lot to do to prepare for the banquet including giving a small speech to the couple of hounded attendees.

Mother's Day was all about food, from pancakes to enchiladas to shish kabob we celebrated mom by gorging ourselves.

Katie's big birthday present was a speaker. Not just any speaker but a GALLIEN-KRUEGER bass speaker to connect to her GALLIEN-KRUEGER bass combo amp. I am glad to see you are dually impressed.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Senior Prom

Prom - one of the milestone rights of passage. Seldom does it pass as expected or follow the Disney Channel script, but never the less an event that will become the touchstone of many class reunions.

This was part of Katie's group. She was the ring leader organizing the dinner and logistics, always a challenge with a bunch of 17-18 yr olds. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, especially at "After-Prom" which is an all night lock in party. This year it was at Dave & Busters. They played video games, pool and air hockey from midnight to 6am at which time the busses dilivered them back to the school so they could crawl home and pass out. Katie is laying in the foyer as we speak, I guess I should drag her up to her room.

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