Sunday, February 19, 2006


Ta Da !

We are back. We had a tremendous time, and it was a wonderful experience. Katie did great. The teachers, conductor and other students were so nice and supportive. There was just one kid, a fellow bass player, who was jealous or just mean it was hard to tell which. Other than that it was a fabulous weekend. It was so nice that Katie's music directors and teachers were able to be there with her.

I can tell you without any proud father bias that these kids sounded amazing! We attended the concert Saturday night an I think their performance was on a professional level. So did several others (teachers) who were around us who didn't have any students in the concert but just wanted to listen to some of the best HS musicians in the country.

Click on the comments section below where Katie tells her story.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


First Chair !!!


As most of you know, Katie had made All State Orchestra playing Bass. In fact she was 5th chair (only 4 other kids in the whole state who were better). Even more impressive considering she is only a sophomore.

This morning we dropped her off (pictured above) at one of the other High Schools in the district where the other State finalists were gathering for their ride to San Antonio for the State Orchestra event. Katie was nervous.

The reason Katie was nervous was when the got there they would do a chair audition. This audition will determine your final ranking or chair. It's not unusual for your rank to change, they see how you do in person compared to the others.

Katie was happy to be 5th and she didn't want to move down. Well we just got the news . . . She didn't move down . . . She is #1 with a bullet !

Needless to say everyone is so excited. When Linda got the news her scream almost knocked me out of my chair (and she was upstairs). Her Orchestra director - also pictured above, couldn't be more pleased. Linda and I are going to San Antonio this weekend to see her concert. We are so proud

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Do you see four people?

This guys whole family is in this picture

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