Sunday, February 19, 2006


Ta Da !

We are back. We had a tremendous time, and it was a wonderful experience. Katie did great. The teachers, conductor and other students were so nice and supportive. There was just one kid, a fellow bass player, who was jealous or just mean it was hard to tell which. Other than that it was a fabulous weekend. It was so nice that Katie's music directors and teachers were able to be there with her.

I can tell you without any proud father bias that these kids sounded amazing! We attended the concert Saturday night an I think their performance was on a professional level. So did several others (teachers) who were around us who didn't have any students in the concert but just wanted to listen to some of the best HS musicians in the country.

Click on the comments section below where Katie tells her story.

Wow thank you so much everybody! This was the most amazing thing I had ever been to, and all these people supporting me make it even better.

How I got there:
First, I had to try out for region- which I was 3 (fancy that). Second, I had to try out for area which wasn’t that hard because we had just under the number of basses that COULD try out, (there is a set limit of each section that can try out for area). Then after area we had to play excerpts (music from the state music) and etudes (hard solos) onto a tape that was sent in to be judged on a panel of the top players in Texas.

You only have one chance to tape yourself on a CD and send it, so we had to do it on the same day we auditioned for area. This was a long day for everybody. So I go in to tape and I’m on the stage! This is bad because of all the acoustics on a stage won’t sound that great on a low quality CD that they record you on. While I was playing my first etude my bass started to slip out of my hands, it was getting to a point where I couldn’t reach all of the notes I needed to, and it sounded awful (to me). He stopped the CD and waited for me to calm down because I started to cry my eyes out, I was so sad because I had worked my heart out into this music and something that I just glanced over like a glossy wood floor could ruin it for me.

In my other songs you could hear me sniffling and the occasional sigh. I never stopped though I played through them and waited for my mom to pick me up, and I was sad about it everyday till Andy (my bass teacher) called to tell me that I had made it in and that I was in the symphony orchestra 5th chair! I was so happy.

So then the day came where we left on Wednesday to go to San Antonio for all state, and I was so terrified. We got there put our stuff in the hotel room practiced a little bit and went to the audition room. When you audition they give you an X amount of spots to play and everybody plays one then the next person goes then the next, etc. Then you play the second, and you keep doing this until you have no more to play. They then let you go and u wait for the results. Instead of Trent (other bass player from school) and I waiting, our orchestra teachers Mrs. Morlacci and Mrs. Cowan took us out to dinner. On our way there my jazz band teacher Mr. Roberts called me to tell me congratulations, and I was like “what for” and he said really slow “you got first Katie, your first in the state” I was extremely happy and shaking and I called my mom and she screamed and it was a very happy moment. And the rest is history, the rehearsals were awesome, and the concert was the best I had ever played in. I am so exited to audition next year and (most likely) end up going again and doing it all over again. IT WAS AWSESOME!

We are so very proud of Katie. She worked hard, stood up under pressure, and has remained gracious.

Thank you Julie and Frannie. Katie can get a taste of what is what like to have Aunt Sis around. She always praised our accomplishments as if we were her own kids. She was one of my strongest proponents when I was growning up and she meant the world to me. Now my daughter has you guys. I love you all and am so happy for her.

We have to get to work on that reunion!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! You clearly have the right "stuff". While I was reading this, I thought about some of the Olympics I have ben watching. Several athletes had terrible accidents, but they picked themselves up, gathered their composure and pressed on, just like you did. And of course in the end, you persevered.

You know, I don't think I have ever heard you play extensively, but I am sure it is phenomenal. What I think is even more impressive is that you have the heart of a champion.

This experience proves that you CAN do whatever you put your mind to.

Of course, when you go to get your Grammy award in a few years, I am sure your acceptance speech will include thanking your parents for the wonderful job they did raising you to be who you are.

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