Thursday, July 10, 2008


They have a different word for everything!

In the immortal words of Steve Martin, "the French, they have a different word for everything!" Well Katie and some of her friends in the French Club went to find out in person. A group of about 16 people embarked on a tour through Paris, Normandy and several small towns in between.

There were square trees, long dinners, famous landmarks and people who tucked their chin into ther neck and said "haww haww hawwww" to keep them busy for 9 days. During that time Katie took over 800 pictures and videos (I was so proud) which you will be forced to watch now. OK maybe it's just some of the good ones.

Hey yall, I had an amazing time there! It was so cool walking everywhere and actually seeing the city in the small streets and all the people that live there and all the amazing architecture! It was amazing =)
I didn't mention it in the story but Katie got me a very unusual gift what she was abroad, it was . . . salt. That's right special gourmet salt from a specific area (Guerande)in France.

"In Brittany near the town of Guerande are marshes and low lying areas suitable for salt fields. There is a mini climate that is much milder that the rest of Brittany. The currents of the Atlantic run cleaner there than many salt harvesting locations. This confluence of nature makes for an ideal area for a salt farm region. Guerande has no peer in Europe for the quality of salt produced."
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