Monday, October 15, 2007


Name that Toon !

Who is this guy?

I don't remember his name, but he was on a show with another character. Meaning, I don't think he has a show all for himself. I think the other character was a horse.
I don't think that counts. "I think the other character was a horse" definatly does not name that toon. 3 trys for a quarter.
He is the ancestor of Viva Pinata!

OK - you get one more guess for your quarter.

Here is a hint - my uncle used to call me by this toon's name . . .
Now how would that help me guess. I never met your uncle!

OK, I'll take a guess - Your uncle called you, "Little Mexican Donkey" (in the Shrek voice).
Hi I am a cousin of Linda's from Fl.Her uncle Claude Byrd was my father. It from the cartoon Quick Draw McGraw, I might have mispelled it but it's been forever since I saw the cartoon.Tell Linda I said hi.
Nancy Byrd Arnold
Phyl here, No doubt it's Baba Looey, Quick Draw McGraw's sidekick! A longtime favorite :-)
ding ding ding - we have a winner! cousin Nancy was on the right track but Aunt Phyllis nailed the burro.

Baba Looey

get it Stu bob -> Babalooey
and you did meet my uncle at a party at my house in Florida
I didn't meet your uncle. You have me mixed up with Ed Enriquez.
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