Friday, January 26, 2007


Gadget du Jour

Bless me Cingular for I have slacked, it's been 3 years since my last phone upgrade.  I know I should have kept up with the times, purchased the latest handheld communication marvel at least once a year, but I have failed you.

No longer!  This week we are the proud owners of 2 of the hottest telecommunications handsets ever to be found at the local mall kiosks.  Behold the Samsung Sync (aka A707).  These beauties will play all the coolest mp3s, snap hot pics at our neato parties, even video Stu's lampshade lambata then beam (at superduper speeds) all these priceless memories to an email address or other uber-phone near you.  I can also call my mom with it.

Why, you ask, do we have 2?  . . . to maintain balance in the force.  That and the fact that Linda and I have been accused (by our kids) of being the same person, so of course we would need the same phone.

So there you have it, no longer are we cellular Neanderthals, our ringbones shout "the sheep don't like it, lock the catbox, lock the catbox" with a hipness that is hard to describe

Hey, I have Cingular as well, so now I can call you and Linda on your cell phone and talk for days, or weeks on end for FREE!!

I too got a new phone, but the radio sucks and it drops quite often. I may be reverting back to my "old" phone.
Which phone did you get Stu? i would assume you were using one of those PDA phones
It's an iPAQ rw6828. We only sell it in Asia.
I am one of those PDA phone people and I will probably never change!! If only Linda were on Verizon those daily hour long conversations wouldn't matter. They don't matter anyway. I would pay any price to keep in touch!!!
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