Saturday, December 16, 2006


Who is Frannie?

Stu asks a good question. Someone answered that she is "the bomb". That's true but does not tell the whole story, although I don't think anyone knows the whole story.

I don't have many pictures of Frannie, but here is one from when I first met her. She was just back from some mysterious "vacation", she was saying goodbye to the "people" who dropped her off.

I do know she is very close with her sister Michelle (pictured on the left). They did dress a little oddly but always seemed to pull it off. Although they are extremely nice by default you don't want to cross them or you may end up on a milk carton. It has been roomered that are behind some kind of Police/Teacher/Sprinkler Installers mafia and that's a combination you don't want to mess with.

Who is Frannie? She is an enigma wrapped up in a cheese steak

I love you guys!!!!!!!
I love them too. That's why they are coming to our house for Christmas lunch :)
Frannie & Michelle,

I think I actually remember you guys in these outfits. You were teenagers and SO COOL to me.

Except at Halloween ):
you had way too much candy - it's not good for you - we cared about you!!!!
I don't remember the costumes and I vaguely remember the candy but it still a great story to tell our kids!
Hi Patty :)

At least I know Patty.

They didn't really have those costumes. You know that's not really Frannie and Michelle either, right?

We (Patty & Linda) had some costumes though. Provided by Frannie and Michelle's Mom (aka Aunt Sis). Adorable, sequined (which was a huge deal) tutus. WE were the BOMB!

Frannie, you and your sister should join me and my sister in Chicago. I think Patty may have forgotten you guys.

Now that would be THE BOMB!
ohmygosh that would so be the bomb! I rememer the tutus!

Hi Stu :)
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